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 Exodus Explanation.

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PostSubject: Exodus Explanation.   Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:14 pm

Some people find my OC Exodus to be particulalrly confusing, so here is a basic explanation for the 'Angel-turned-Demon'.

Exodus (The Claimer-of-Minds, as he became known later) was the leader of the Warrior Serpent uprising against the Eslaoni, who wanted to wipe them out to be replaced. he created his own faction in the Eslaoni-Aschi war.
His Aschi ally and close friend, an Analyst, upgraded him (he is a machine, unlike all other WSs) so he could effectively respawn (there were multiplle copies of him), so he did not slice him into tiny bits.
Dispite being the leaders of a faction, the five; Exodus, the two Light Keepers, The Creator and that Analyst, were rarely present.
Exodus had, and still has, a hatred for his creators and so the five most often took the ship '(I have no name for this yet)' often attacked random Eslaoni ships.
Anyway after some time he did get destoryed and tranferred; every time that happened he became more whacky and eventually went completely insane, took control of the Light Keepers and The Creator, and left.

This is why Exodus appears in multiple storylines.

I don't know what happens to Analyst yet.
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Exodus Explanation.
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