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PostSubject: ---TSOTS---   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:57 am

The souls of the stars is an empire-based RP.
So, here you will simply post information about your empire. No overpowered empires. Really.
Or EXODUS will open a rift and play havoc. With your face.

Because I can.
Well, Dusksorrow can, I can't.

If you have something to add as your characters and race develops, use the EDIT BUTTON.

So, mine;

Name: Bythis
Appearence: Reptile-like, tall, dark, thin. Thick Carapace.
Info: The Bythis are a hive-like race.
The leader of their empire (Silaiu) leads and commands them. They work in a similar way to ants, or wasps, in fact learning this behaviour at a ver early stage from the insect-like creatures of their homeworld, Arkithis.
While not being cowards, in any respect, their sense of honour does not go as far as to stand and die for no good reason.
Ships: The semi-organic ships of Arkithis have an amazing ability to survive without sustinance for some time, however a lack of food, or fuel, will prevent them from self-repair.
An AI is implanted into a mindless ship, giving it full control. Only a commander can have the AI removed and manual control used.

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PostSubject: Re: ---TSOTS---   Sun Aug 07, 2011 12:20 pm

Name: Thylani

Appearance: Brownish Insectoid race-like race which have four feet and two arms. Small and usually green eyes, though other colours exist.

Leader: Ssisithus

Goverment: Technocracy.

Society: Genuinely little is known about the Society of the Thylani, except they are genuinely neutral in most matters. Oddly, they appeared in space less then a couple of years ago, with little trace of where they were from. It is suggested they might of been fleeing from a nemsis race, but this is simply theory. Thylani tend to work well together in groups.

Ships: Thylani Ships are usually Greenish brown, spherelike ships. They are generally Created from a special alloy they use, though it is generally weaker then the alloys employed by other ships. Thylani Ships which have been seen so far have been mostly for scouting. Their Warships, while rare so far, generally use green-lazer weaponary.

History: Very little is known of the true History of the Thylani. Their goverment does not seem to like the prospect of the other races knowing about their history.

Technology: Recent scouting has revealed little of their technology. The only known pieces Technology are their factories, and only to the extent that they use massive ammounts of energy for a very inefficient method of creating objects, it is, therefore, plausible that the Thylani may of had access to advanced power sources in the past, which they no longer have, making their old technology inefficient. However, the few trading deals they have involve them importing materials to create power plants, so they likely cannot make their old designs.

The Thylani's main Millitary force has currently been observed as three Warships and a unknown number of scouting ships. The millitary at it's present state seems to be little more then a remnant of it's former self, if the Thylani ever needed to support a millitary before.

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Ikari Ookami

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PostSubject: Re: ---TSOTS---   Sun Aug 07, 2011 7:12 pm

Name: Vindur Vængi

Appearance: Scaled, winged, tailed, 4-leggeds. Long muzzles with sharp teeth. Colors vary across the entire spectrum.

Government: Monarchy

Society: The Vindur Vængi are a proud and ancient empire. In total, their planets conquered are 8 in number. The High Eminence rules over all, and is trusted to lead his people well. The position of High Eminence is earned first by earning the rank of High General in war. Those with this title must fight to the death for their seat on the Throne.

The Vængi are a race built upon war. consider battle honorable, and battlescars are admirable and respected. To cross a Vængi and live without being severely maimed is rare.

The Vængi dwell in cities with structures that delve hundreds of feet deep and reach into space in height to meet colonies that dwell in space for even more room. Their technology is advanced and their artificial intelligence meets the intellect of any sentient race.

The Vængi are incredible caretakers of nature, and are very prideful in their untouched mountains, forests, plains, and the like. Their structures are not invasive of nature and the land is always intertwined with their cities. To harm the world is to label yourself an abomination and fit for execution.

Their science is derived from nature. Medicines, armor, even their advanced technology comes from what they can gather from around them.

Ships: The Vængi model their ships to resemble themselves, both for the sake of aerodynamics and for their pride in themselves. All ships are equipped with identical equipment, ready for either war or research. The difference between type and rank is in color.
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PostSubject: Re: ---TSOTS---   

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