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 Malia - The Dawn of New Conflicts Database.

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PostSubject: Malia - The Dawn of New Conflicts Database.   Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:02 pm

(*Map will be updated as more people join, hopefully.)

Malia - The Dawn of New Conflicts.
*A New Dusksorrow Certified Roleplay!
This Roleplay is based on the World of Malia, where Numerous main Empires currently exist. These are - Rema, the Dwarven Alliance and the Elven Alliance, Mierena, Phaetonica, Empire of Desertia and the Orcish Tribes, as well as numerous independant, smaller Empires. You control a town, as part of one of the main empires or totally Independent, and attempt to forge your own destiny in the world.

Goblins(Independent, Desertia Or Orcish Tribes Only!)
Merfolk(Independent Only!)
Custom Races - Player made races will go through a vigorous acceptance process. They are however, unique to your faction inless you say otherwise. (Independent only!)
*Note, Certain races allegiances differ, as Goblins will be loyal to Orcs and Humans, then just Goblins, this is rare, however.

Sheet Template
Name of Nation -
Main Town -
Dependent to - (If none, use Independent.)
Main Race -
Leader - (May be kept unknown for Roleplay reasons)
Strengths -
Weaknesses -

So, this is mine -

Name of Nation - Imperium Darkani, Darkness Seal
Main Town - Sindaralia, Shadowsong Isles
Independent Nation.
Main Race - Shadow Goblins
Leader - Imperator Xil'atal
Sub-Leader - Niltheriu
Strengths - Numerous monsterous creatures, powerful shadow magic and elite soldiers.
Weaknesses - Few in number, no healers, very few mages.

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PostSubject: Re: Malia - The Dawn of New Conflicts Database.   Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:28 pm

Name of Nation - Xzhaliu
Main Town - Zhalx
Dependent to - Independent
Main Race - Human
Leader - Reprah Marthus
Strengths - Strong Navy. Ruthless.
Weaknesses - Will not accept aid. Proud.
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Malia - The Dawn of New Conflicts Database.
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